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We are releasing a small patch that addresses mostly User Interface changes. This is a wrap-up of changes we wanted to introduce in the last patch but were incomplete at the time. The major updates in this patch regard the functionality of the Property Editor, we wanted to make it a bit easier for decorators to manage their properties as well as find props much easier. A long requested feature has been the option to select your theme instead of having to download a different brand. Now you can set your preferred look. Read more about these changes below.

Table of Contents

UI Theme Picker

A couple of patches ago we introduced new colorful user interface themes for the different brands of Utherverse namely; Virtual Vancouver, Redlightcenter and Utherverse. We have had a lot of requests to make it possible to select which theme the client displays. We are happy to announce that this is now possible. You can set and select your theme in Settings <F7> (or ) using the Interface tab.

Prop Editor

While we have done a lot of changes to the interface and themes in the past few patches, we still had to upgrade the Prop Editor. We added a Loading bar to the Prop Editor so you can see clearly how long it takes to open the Prop Editor. This is useful in locations that have a high prop count where it can take ten seconds or more to load the Prop Editor, this update makes it easier to see that the Prop Editor is still loading.

We also updated the graphics to better match the new themes and fix information that was not displaying correctly. As well as updating the visuals of the Prop Editor, we have created more functionality to the Prop List.

We expanded the functionality of the Prop List by adding a Search feature. There are two different ways you can search for props; one is by searching for prop names and the other is by searching for scripts.

  • Searching for props by a propname (or partial name), GML name, or PropID.
  • Searching for scripts by a script name (or partial name) to search all three script levels simultaneously.

To search, type in the search term and press <Enter>. To clear your search, empty the Search bar and press <Enter> again. Your searches are remembered if you switch between searching for props or or scripts.

Prop List

While searching already improves the functionality of the Prop List, we also added new buttons to scroll through the script-levels (see image above). We also added a value behind each script that tells you how many scripts are on a specific prop.

You can now detach the Prop List from the Prop Editor and expand the information displayed. You can drag the Prop List wider and taller by clicking and dragging the left side of the detached window, or the bottom of the detached panel. In the detached mode you can also see the coordinates of each prop by XYZ. Expanding the Prop List in width allows more information to be displayed, up to three columns in the Script view and the location column in the ID view.

Other User Interface Updates

In addition to overhauling the Prop Editor and allowing client theming, we have made lots of other smaller changes.

Property Manager Grouping

Perhaps not the most exciting feature, but we have a large community that have been here for many years and their Property Manager list kept growing as they added more properties. Therefore we added a grouping feature to the Property Manager. This allows you to group properties by the name of the owner. This makes it easier to find properties that you have access to. We also added mass closing to the Property Manager. If you close and reopen the Other Editable Business and/or Other Editable Zabys sections it will collapse all the usernames under it. Making it even easier to find a specific person’s properties.

Chat Panel

We have made some updates to the Chat panel, most notably to the icon bar at the top. We added a new pin feature that disables both the dragging of the Chat panel and the maximize button. Furthermore, we added an arrow to the icon bar that hides most of the options for Chat panel customizations. This gives a cleaner look and helps you avoid accidentally clicking on the icons.

Undressing Your Avatar

VIP-users can now dress their avatar by right-clicking the avatar in the Corner Ring. So now you can take off your pants with a left-click and put them back on with a right-click.

Statistics Panel <F2>

We updated the Statistics panel <F2> to improve the readability of the XYZ coordinates of your avatar’s position. These values are now displayed on individual lines.

Client Menu

We added a new menu which is opened by pressing <F12> or clicking the Client Menu option in the Corner Ring dropdown menu. This new menu has the following options:

  • Open your Social Center.
  • Open the Utherverse wiki on the Fandom website.
  • Open the Customer Support website.
  • Open the Live Tech Support Chat website. Note that Support Chat is disabled at times when it is unavailable. To find more information for Tech Support, or other support, visit the Support Website, which is available 24/7.
  • Open the Settings panel.
  • Logout (to go to the Login screen).
  • Quit the program entirely.

Close the Client menu by either clicking anywhere outside the Client menu or pressing the Escape key. Tip: Did you know that pressing the Escape key also closes other user interface panels in-world?

Event Calendar

The in-world Event Calendar got some love in previous patches. Now the Event Calendar website (via your Social Center) also got this same love. This gives a new fresh look to the Event Calendar and improves the visibility of events that occur on the next day. We also resolved some bugs where certain events were not showing up on the calendar.

Full Update Notes

  • UI scheme picker default for VV, RLC and UV is now in Settings. A re-login is required to see the changes;
  • Loading the Prop Editor now displays a progress bar with the correct loading stages;
  • Property Manager grouping added;
  • Prop Editor background and images nave been updated with new art;
  • Added Prop List detacher button;
  • Detached Prop List resizing height and width, to allow for more information display;
  • Fixed having to re-login when making certain changes in Game Settings <F7>;
  • Added Search to the Prop List for scripts and props;
  • Mouse pointer is now hidden when resizing the Prop List;
  • Added minor support for DPI scaling, certain previously bugged things now look better on higher resolutions;
  • Client menu added to the game as the last option in the dropdown menu from the Circle Ring;
  • Corner Ring avatar dressing changed to: left-click = undress item (as it always was) | right-click = dress item (you cannot dress when you are already fully dressed);
  • Bug fix for mouse issue that occasionally crashed the game client;
  • Event Calendar website update:;
  • Setting panel <F2>: XYZ coordinates are now displayed per line;
  • Added <F12> key to open the Client menu;
  • Replaced Logout, with new Client menu from the Corner Ring dropdown menu;
  • Animated UI elements to hide icons from Chat panel and Quickbar;
  • Added pinning to lock Chat panel size;
  • Fixed issue where the Quickbar not functioning when closed and then relogging;
  • Added setting on the Interface tab, to hide show quit confirmation message;
  • Added setting on the Interface tab, to hide show logout confirmation message;
  • Adjusted position of the Prop List.

When we started patching again, one of the major problems we encountered was a lot of old commented out code, code that didn’t do anything anymore, or things that were tested and never made it to the foreground. In order to move forward we have done a lot of cleanup of the code in order to structure it better. While the current patch isn’t as big as the previous ones. There are a lot of changes that should make performance better, and certain bugs should cease to exist.

Table of Contents

Event Calendar

We have received numerous reports about the event system we rolled out the previous patch. We are updating the API for the event calendar in-game once again with fixes to a number of complaints, such as better visibility to show ended events, improvements on missing events that were not displayed in certain circumstances, and the ability to show recently ended events on the "current" tab (up to 4 hours).

UI Updates

We have done a number of updates to the UI. Several windows such as friends, start point manager, and property manager have all received a new option to make these windows bigger, and display more rows in each of these tables. This should make it easier to see more people in local or your friendlist, see more properties in the property manager and more start points in the startpoint manager. We also made the friends list wider, so you can read location names better. We are also saving the position of these windows where you left them, meaning if you move the windows, their position will be saved, and when you open them again they will open where you last left them.

Quickbar changes

We have added /cagedance (/cdance), /edance, /catwalk, and /dance options to chat. These will open the action menu and allow you to perform these moves anywhere in an action menu. This does not affect how individual dance moves work for dance team sequences—these still require a dancefloor. So doing country and rave dancing, these can only be performed on dance floors set up with trigger boxes.

We have also arranged the icons and menus in the quickbar editor to make it easier to find things. We also added buttons to enable cagedance, erotic dancing, club dancing or catwalking in the quickbar editor. You can now add these to your quickbar to enable them. We also added new icons that were missing for specific cage dance moves and catwalk moves.

Password view icon

We added a view icon to the password field on the login screen. Clicking this will show you the password you have typed, or are typing. This should help see if you are accidentally typing the wrong password, by having caps lock on or a different language keyboard. We also fixed several other errors that password’s were causing, such as showing the wrong error message.


It is now possible to send broadcast messages to your world by typing /broadcast <message>; this will make it easier to send broadcast messages directly from chat. You can only do this if you have broadcast permissions in the instance you are in.

Chromium updates

We added more functionality to the Chromium browser and popup browser, by adding support for shift, cltr, tab, caps lock and backspace. These buttons should now work as you expect.

Webcam and Web Mic

We added webcam and web mic support. When enabled, your webcam and mic can be used by any chromium browser window ingame, this can be used for karaoke, streaming, zoom meetings, or even one to one meetings with your loved ones. This does not function as voice chat.

Full Update Notes

  • Added support for specific foreign language keyboards;
  • Removed left-overs from flash;
  • Resized friend window width;
  • Allow expanded view of friends, property manager and starpoints UI elements;
  • Added new commands /cagedance, /dance, /cdance, /edance and /catwalk;
  • Updated icons and tree in quickbar editor;
  • Added new icons that were missing in the quickbar;
  • Added new icons for the new actions that can be performed via the quickbar;
  • Added catwalk and cage dancing actions;
  • Fixed trigger linked prop script from crashing when it was pointing to a non-existing/deleted propID;
  • UI windows are now remembered and saved in the state they were closed at;
  • Staff/Volunteer search button has been fixed to jump correctly to the one that is selected;
  • Added /broadcast <message>; command;
  • Added webcam support for browser windows;
  • Added webmic support for browser windows;
  • Added capslock, cltr, alt, shift, tab functions to chromium browsers;
  • Created a media tab in the settings and options, and moved relevant settings for media from general tab to the media tab;
  • Event app updated to show expired events as grayed out (up to 4 hours after event ended);
  • Various other bug fixes to events app;
  • Customer support button on the main menu bar graphics should now correctly display;
  • When logging in and rent is not paid for a property you are trying to login to, you will be teleported to Utherverse transport region.

As announced several times on the forums, Adobe and Microsoft are dropping support for Flash. This client update mainly focuses on the removal of Flash from the Utherverse client, and add new features for the embedded Chromium browser that serve partially as a replacement for the loss of Flash functionality. Additionally, this update also addresses changes and new features to the user interface.

Table of Contents

Flash removal

This update removes the Flash Control and Flash Control Copy scripts, and every .swf file is now marked with a subtle notification that Flash is no longer possible or supported within the Utherverse client. Where .png or .jpg files are linked (wrongly) to the Flash scripts, these have been automatically moved to the Cached Web Image script, so that they will still display normally.

Copy Flash Script

We changed the copy flash script over disabling any flash files (.swf) it was linked to, similar as is done with the flash script. However, images linked to a flash copy script will be converted to cached web image script, and displayed as such.

MP4 Support

Utherverse now fully supports the mp4 players across any chromium window.

Flash Prop Maps

Flash was also used as an option to allow multiple prop maps and/or animation of prop maps. With the removal of the two Flash scripts this is no longer possible. While Chromium supports gif animations on a flat surface, the Dev team advises everyone to use these as little as possible and only in scenarios where it’s really needed to get a certain effect. Whilst Chromium browsers are more optimized than the Flash scripts were, they still use a lot of computer resources. If many of these scripts are used, it may use all the RAM on low-end systems. This is especially noticeable in places where there are lots of avatars. We are adding a new script to the Prop Editor that allows the display of temporary Chromium windows. You can read more about this below in the Popup Browser Script section below.

Creep3d and Events

As many already know, the Creep3d (Directory) and Events were originally created using Flash. With this update we have created non-Flash replacements. In addition to replacing them on the web, these are also now supported in-game via the Explore button. All your event and directory information has been automatically transferred and displayed in these new versions.

Screenshot of the new Events Calendar

While replacing these, we also have improved functionality. The Event Calendar is expanded with tabs and displays current-, weekly and monthly events. We also added new display styles. Furthermore, clicking any event opens a bigger window that displays more information about the event, and also gives you the opportunity to visit the event.

Screenshot of the new Creed3d

For Creep3d, we optimized how results are displayed with quicker and smoother navigation. Each page now displays four items in its category and you can easily click to see the next four results using the page feature at the top. Now you shouldn't have to to scroll through pages to find the property you were looking for. Creep3d also received new icons to better highlight what the categories are used for.

To copy an URL of a property from Creep3d press the link button that appears when hovering over the entry (behind the title). Clicking the title will take you to the property in question.

The website versions are similar to the in-game apps, however they have a layout more suitable for external browsers.

Casino and Other Flash Games

As many users have noted, a lot of the casino games have not been working for a long time. These will disappear with the upcoming update. We have replaced these games with HTML5 variants.

New Chromium Features

Typing is now possible in any browser window. This was previously not possible in all of the browser instances, so this should greatly increase the utilization of the browser windows. It is now possible to make iframes within Chromium browser windows. The operation of the scroll bars is still not perfect but you can click on the scroll bar to see more of a browser window, dragging the scrollbar still does not function well (we are looking into solutions but this will not come with this update).


We have changed the way targets work within Chromium. Using the _self target still behaves as normal and changes the current browser window you are using. The _blank target now always opens the default browser specified on a user's computer.

Note: Using the Popup Browser script in _self mode opens an in-game browser.

As described earlier we have added a new script that can be attached to props, so clicking the prop opens either a new pop-up browser in-game or in the default web browser. The decorator setting up this script has the choice of how these pop-ups happen. By default it uses the in-game pop-up browser to display the content, decorators have the option to control how large this window is and where it is positioned on screen. The great benefit of this new script is that once a user has finished using a web page they can close it themselves, closing also the resources the computer is using to display that content. This makes the browser script function as a standalone component.

Your movement will be disabled until you close any open browser pop up windows.

User Interface

We have made some updates to the login screen as well as added a new Music Control into the game. The login screen needed to be redone because it used some Flash elements

Login Screen

We have revamped the Login screen and increased the size. The enlarged area for the message of the day makes it easier for us to convey information to users. You most likely will notice this right away. We also moved around some button positions and added Options to the Login screen. This opens what was previously named the Settings panel, it allows you to modify options before you login.

Note: The Controls tab does not function via the Login screen, if you want to edit controls, do so when logged in

Music Control

We have added a new UI element that allows you to control any Play Music scripts at a location. You can open this interface by typing /music in chat (alternatively you can find this via the Corner Ring by clicking the Home Options button . This new interface lets you set the volume and start or stop a music stream. This volume control persists across regions and maintains the volume level of the Play Music script. Furthermore areas that have Music Controls setup that do not auto-start, due to the owner not having setup activate on load on the Play Music script, can now be started with this Music Control.

Understand! The music control only affects your experience. Changing the volume, stopping or playing the music does not change it for anyone else.

Dance Floor Additions

It is now possible to disable glowies from being used on dance floors, this ensures these dance floors will not allow rave dancing. You can disable these with a new parameter added to the dance floor script. Already setup dancefloors are not affected by this change.

Furthermore, it is now possible to change the glowstick color. By typing /glowstick it will show a list with color options. Typing the command “/glowstick blue” will change the color to blue. Or try your luck with the “/glowstick random” command, to get some colors that ain’t pickable.

Note: If you are on a dancefloor and change your glowie color you MUST exit the dancefloor and walk back on to it, before the change is visible.

Full Update Notes

  • Login screen updated and rearranged, increased the size of the UI and increased the size of the MOTD panel. Rearranged the Login, Signup and Quit buttons;
  • New MOTD panel on the Login screen with four tabbed views that displays four recent updates. Hovering over the images enlarges the new page of that item;
  • Added an Option button to the Login window. (though currently the Control tab cannot be accessed via the Login screen and is only editable once logged in;
  • Chromium browser added to Events tab in Explore;
  • Chromium browser added to Directory tab in Explore;
  • Chromium now supports mp4;
  • Chromium Mouse Scrolling added to browser windows;
  • Events HTML5 edition loaded to Events tab in Explore;
  • Creep3d HTML5 edition loaded to Directory tab in Explore;
  • Scroll bar fix for Explore tabs (Dragging scrollbar still bugged);
  • Music Control panel added to UI, can be opened with /music;
  • Music Control added to adjust music stream Volume with Play, Pause and Stop buttons added;
  • Streams are automatically added to the Music Control, even if not set to activate on load, users can individually start these now;
  • Music Controls added to the drop-down menu;
  • Removal of Flash. Any Flash windows now display an error image that Flash is no longer available;
  • Removal of copy flash script and conversion to cached web image script;
  • Added global variables to maintain volume levels across sessions and loading screens;
  • Browser now has a stand-alone component (optional multiple instances);
  • Static Flash elements have been removed and replaced with Cached Web Image script;
  • Typing is now possible in all browser windows;
  • Signup window now has a Chromium update;
  • Options can now be reopened and closed on the Login window;
  • Browser windows can be dragged in position;
  • Maintain music bug fix;
  • Prop Play Music script changes now reflect on the music UI;
  • Target _blank now opens in the default browser set by the user. It no longer opens a pop-up window;
  • New prop script Popup Browser;
  • Added two new mouse cursors to support the new popup browser;
  • Options/Settings menu removed voice tab;
  • Enter function is now working in chromium windows;
  • Options Login Screen removed control tab from view;
  • Badges now shows in friendlist;
  • Local list own name has teal color;
  • Backspace works in chromium forms;
  • PID copy now on prop left-click menu;
  • PID copy now has a visible message that it is copied to clipboard;
  • Removed stream options from avatar menu and chat pane;
  • Auto-Resize for lower resolutions for the login window;
  • Dance floor script now has an option to disable glowies on them, this disabled the rave dancing for those floors;
  • Some glowsticks can now be handpicked by typing /glowstick.

As promised we are picking up development on Utherverse and have been hard at work to get a new update out to you all. This update is focused on 3 specific pillars; visability, scripting and fixing of long-standing issues. We have been taking the feature requests submitted by the community and organized them into areas we want to tackle. We have decided, therefore, that we will first focus on features that benefit the community as a whole.

Table of Contents

User Interface Overhaul

We have majorly revised the UI style with a complete fresh new theme makeover. The major reasons we wanted to update this is to make things better understandable, by having proper iconography, clearer visibility of UI elements and better support for the visually impaired. We have changed the checkboxes to checkmarks and crosses to better exemplify when a setting is disabled or enabled. Depending on your branding Utherverse, RLC or Virtual Vancouver, you will have a different color look to your UI.


We changed a lot of the icons on the quickbar to be a higher resolution, to be easier to spot which page you are on. Also updating the arrows to easier navigate which bar you are on. We have the quickbar editor a new icon, and tightened up the quickbar to take a bit less space on screen. And lastly we updated the separation between the various quickbar icons to better separate them from each other and gave the active icon a better highlight to see which is active.

Corner Ring

Corner ring

We changed the old icons into more concise icons, allowing us for later expansion for new UI elements on the corner ring. Furthermore the icons have been updated into more universally known icons which new users will be able to easier understand the function of these.

One of the more noticable changes to the corner ring is the addition of higher resolution models used for undressing and by adding a clearer color scheme to each clothing layer to better identify which layers are displayed.

New Set of Cursors

Introduced in this update is a set of new cursors. These should make it easier for our community to recognize what they are doing or clicking on.

The door cursors should make it easier to see when you are clicking on a door and what subsequently will happen if you click that door, noteworthy is that any door you click on that opens a loading screen will be associated with a globe, other doors/teleport should keep you in the same instance

Cursor examples

Another set of icons should make it easier to determine what drug or object you are going to interact with. This will help the community spot glowies faster, or see if you can play the drums on a drum set.

Cursor examples

The cursor set of sexual encounters is to better show what bed or sex action is happening, no longer will you mix up a bondage bed with a standard sex bed.

Cursor examples

Finally adding some more cursors that were missing for specific purposes, we’ll let you discover what some of these will do.

Cursor examples


This patch will focus heavily on deco-scripts, the devs have taken these under a closer look and picked out a few specific problems to tackle regarding these. The reason we are focusing on these is to make the Utherverse feel more vibrant and alive. Having things to do and interact with will greatly benefit the overall state of the game. One of the most overwhelming requests has been to add rotation to the different axis for props. Updates have also been made to many scripts to be visible at the same time to everyone in the dimension. This means that if you open a door, everyone else in that same dimension sees you opening that door. So you and everyone else can walk through a doorway with a door animating and opening instead of through a closed door. Learn more about how to set this up below.

Important! Rotate Object CW/CCW and Rotate Door Open are removed with this update and will no longer work if previously setup.

Door Script

The biggest update overall to the scripts has to be the door script, we felt the old rotate door to be insufficient and rather dull. We wanted to make places feel more alive and interactive, doors seem to be the perfect way to accomplish this. With the introduction of sliding and rotating doors we have expanded the possibilities of doors greatly. The directions a sliding door can be set to are sideways, up or down; rotating doors can now also rotate upwards or downwards. Furthermore by adding a couple of new settings such as; which axis it is supposed to affect, sliding distance, rotating angle, speed, wait time, hold time, the ability to remain open and even auto-matic closing and looping. In combination with the new Trigger Linked Script you can even remotely control these doors, or have them open once a user gets closeby enough to activate the door.

Door Script Fact Sheet
Type Sliding door
Rotating Door
This will make the door slide
This will make the door rotate
Direction Left
This will pick the direction the door rotates or slides
Axis X
This determines the sliding door facing towards the X direction
This determines the sliding door facing towards the Z direction
Off-Set Slide Distance 0-1000000 This sets the distance a door will slide (rotating doors do not use this variable)
Rotation 0.00-6.28 This determines the angle a door rotates on (sliding doors do not use this variable)
Velocity Opening 0.01-7200 This is the speed the door opens at
Auto-Close This allows the door to automatically close after the Duration Auto-Close has expired
Toogle Collision* This will alter the way collision works. See notes for more info
Duration Auto-Close 0.01-7200 How long the door stays open before it closes itself if auto-close is enabled.
Remain Open This will make it so that triggering the door by entering a trigger box area only toggles open once, and can only be closed upon clicking the door.
State Tab Settings
  • Collidable, when this is off the door will never collide, on the door will always be colliding.
  • Clickable Trigger, makes you click the door to open or close it.
  • Activate on Load, will activate the door when a person lands in the region.
  • You can add both a sliding door and rotating door script to one and the same prop, for interesting effects such as garage doors.
  • If collision is off and Toggle Collision is enabled, the door will be colliding when opening, and keep this till it's closed again.
  • If collision is on and Toggle Collision is enabled, the door will be colliding when closing, and keep this till it's opened again.

Trigger Linked Script

Previously known as Pass To Linked Prop, and renamed to Trigger Linked Script for easier understanding of what it does, this is the most revised script. Though a bit more advanced to understand, this script adds a lot of new functionality, especially for the seasoned decorators. In short, this script interacts with other scripts.

Since most users will not be familiar with this script as in the past it only affected the Gender Block and VIP rope scripts. This script allows a trigger to be activated, a standard way to set this up is adding a prop with a script (such as the new door script) to a door prop. Then setting a trigger box up around this door and adding the Trigger Linked Script to this, you must copy the PID (prop id) from the door prop and enter this PID into the Trigger Linked Script, target prop ID field. After this going to the state tab and making sure “trigger” is checked in the state tab. This will allow a user that passes through this trigger box to trigger the linked door and automatically open it.

PID icon

To make it somewhat easier to get the PID of a prop, we added a new button to the prop editor, if you click this on a selected prop it copies the PID, and you can paste this with cltr+v into the trigger linked script.

In addition you may add this to any other prop, and instead of making it trigger, make it clickable. Allowing you to use the prop as a switch, meaning you can turn on lights, open doors remotely, start or stop an emitter and so much more. These props will now also have new mouse cursors to indicate off and on.

Off and on icons

We even allowed a bit more control by adding a reverse trigger (basically doing the opposite of what it is set up to do) and more control if you want to have things trigger on entering or exiting of the trigger box area. You can furthermore select when this script triggers on a trigger box. Either on entering and/or leaving the trigger area. The trigger linked script can hold up to 4 different PID’s to trigger all. You do this by separating each PID by a semicolon.

Trigger PID's seperated by semicolons


Rotate and scale dialog

As we already have mentioned earlier we are introducing a new rotation script, this will replace the previous rotating scripts rotate object CW and rotate object CCW, this means these scripts will stop working in your current properties, as these no longer exist. Instead we combined these functions in a brand new script. Not only did we combine these two we also expanded this script with 4 brand new rotational directions, on two different axes.

Velocity X/Y/Z-Axis will determine the speed the object will rotate at.

CCW X/Y/Z-Axis will determine the direction the prop is rotating, clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Add Sounds

We have added a new script for adding sound files. This will allow the ability for props to make sound when they are interacted with. Sound files will only play in conjunction of a clickable trigger, or a trigger linked script trigger box area. Sound Files are limited to 120 seconds, bigger files will not play. These sounds can be disabled in your settings menu by toggling world sounds. You can directly link .wav files via a URL or pick one from the default sounds included in the Utherverse distribution.

Other Script Changes

We have updated some of the names to better reflect what they do, and arranged some of the ordering of the scripts. Cached web image script now has a collidable and visibility trigger, enabling these allows you to toggle if they collide and/or are invisible. The move without bound script now does something with speed jitter, it determines the frequency at which the object changes course, set to 199 to get the old setting.

We also added a new small script that is able to scale props, upon clicking the prop. You can set if it scales bigger or smaller depending on the default scale set with the prop before adding the scale script. The gender blocker script is now able to block transgender females and transgender males if desired. Emitters, Animated Texture, Light Spots, Light Areas, Light Areas Extended, Play music, Move within Bound Box, Add sounds, Strobe lights, have all received updates to allow them to be used with clickable trigger state, Activate on Load state and the trigger linked script . We leave it up to you to discover all the new possibilities these now have.

Understand! Play Music as Trigger Linked Script will act globally for all users, while clicking the prop the script is attached to itself, only pauses the stream for the person clicking on it.

State Tab Changes

To support some of these scripts we have added a couple of new states into the state tab.

Clickable ; this will make the scripts attached to a prop interactable, and enable you to click on said prop. This is also what makes the new mouse cursors appear on scripts, it is notable that the script ordering determines which mouse cursors are displayed, if more then one script is attached to a script then the last script on the prop, will have it’s mouse cursors shown.

Activate on Load ; this determines if the scripts on a prop will initiate on loading into the property, meaning if this is not enabled on a play music script, no music will start playing upon entering the property.

These two state changes affect some of the new as well as the existing scripts, and therefore will require some of these to be enabled on existing props.

Important! Play Music will no longer start auto-playing after loading into a new property, unless the “Activate on Load” state has been enabled in the state tab. Considering this is a new state, all created Play Music scripts already created do not have this state enabled, meaning no music will be playing by default on your existing properties until this has been updated by the owner.

Other fixes & features

While the main patch focuses on the three pillars above, we have also done some smaller fixes and new features to some long outstanding issues.

New Slash Commands

We introduced a lot of new /slash commands to be used with Utherverse, most of these will also close the opened UI if typing the command again.

  • /friends
  • /property
  • /bookmarks
  • /info
  • /propertymanager
  • /stream
  • /dim
  • /pe
  • /quit
  • /closet
  • /wte
  • /logout
  • /explore
  • /spm
  • /settings
  • /home
  • /startmanager
  • /whisper
  • /homepage
  • /measure
  • /query
  • /myprofile
  • /measurep
  • /msg
  • /broadcast
  • /landmarks
  • /zaby


We added some missing functionality to Chromium, namely the option to retrieve specific values in the URL string. Previously available in flash, [Memberid], [instanceid], [regionid], are now possible with the Web Browser script.

In addition we also added some new tags namely;

[gender] [dimensionID] [domainID] [orient] [species] [voice] [muted] [membername]

These should now make it possible to retrieve even more data from the system, and make better implementations of external sites and web sources.


Your friends should now be better visible, if you are friends with a user, their chat color will now be a greenish hue, this makes it easier to recognize who your friends are. We also changed the system messages to be better visible to users, receiving staff information should now be easier. This was done in order to better distinguish purple messages from those sent by the server of staff. Lastly we fixed some textual issues with the broadcast window.

Messages received in other channels then the one you are focussing on will have a better visible trigger and also will make an audible sound, this audible sound can be disabled in settings (F7 or /settings). There is now a chat history that can be retrieved by pressing the up or down arrow when you have chat active. This will bring back the last 30 lines of chat you said.

When your friends come online or you receive a message in a different channel then the one you are currently in, it will play an audible sound now. These ping messages can be disabled in the settings menu by toggling, play notification sounds. We have moved Font Style and Font Size settings to the interface tab in the settings menu to create more space on the main general settings page.

User Interface

We fixed a bunch of spelling mistakes or typing errors in UI elements, we also updated those elements that were missing text or simply unreadable for various reasons. If you encounter any other textual issues or problems, please report these to tech support to be looked at.

Complete Update Notes

A huge UI theme overhaul, we have added a new color scheme to the UI. There are new logo’s, that should be better recognizable, and should feel more streamlined. We added orange a new highlight color. The new UI should be more colorblind friendly, however it has been proven difficult to really tackle all of them. Side menu-text should now be bigger and easier to read.

  • New avatar-undressing icon that is a higher resolution;
  • Prop editor: Added new rotating object script;
  • Prop editor: Removed CW and CCW rotate scripts;
  • A whole array of new mouse cursors;
  • Updated loading bar color to match the new theme;
  • Prop editor: Overhauled the “Pass to linked prop” script and changed the name into Trigger Linked Script;
  • Prop editor: Automatic door opening, emitters, sprites, animated textures, music on approach, see “Trigger Linked Script” script;
  • Chromium functionality, [gender], [dimensionID], [domainID], [orient],[species], [voice], [muted], [membername];
  • Chromium [Memberid], [instanceid], [regionid];
  • New /slashcommands for chat ("FRIENDS", "INFO", "DIM", "CLOSET", "EXPLORE", "HOME", "MYPROFILE", "BROADCAST", "PROPERTY" - "PROPERTYMANAGER", "PE", "WTE", "SPM" - "STARTMANAGER", "MEASURE" - "MEASUREP", "LANDMARKS" - "BOOKMARKS", "STREAM", "QUIT" - "LOGOUT", "SETTINGS", "WHISPER" "QUERY" "MSG", "ZABY") example: /friends (typing again should close);
  • Broadcast window now has proper text showing “Broadcast type”;
  • Prop editor: Added switches (use with Trigger Linked Prop), with triggerable ON and OFF cursor;
  • Prop editor: Added new option to state tab “clickable trigger” (use with Trigger Linked Prop. to enable switches);
  • Removed yellow text from UI, changes mostly to white, still some things need to be updated;
  • Prop editor: Trigger Linked Script, now has a “Reversed Trigger” option;
  • TOS, terms in video streaming is now readable;
  • Prop editor: Trigger Linked Script, now supports up to 4 propid’s, separate them by ; (semicolon);
  • Friends show up with a green hue chat color, automatically applies after you become friends;
  • Prop editor: Added Open Door Script;
  • Sound/Music no longer is lost when clicking URL, that open external web pages, it turns back on when your focus comes back to UV, when maintain sound is on;
  • Prop editor: Removed “Update” from Attach Web Browser (had no function);
  • Renamed “Edit Window” to “Quickbar Editor”;
  • Global Pause Music via switch;
  • Doors, emitters, and other scripts triggered are now visible to everyone in the region;
  • New PM/GROUP/LOCAL flashing should be better visible, when someone says something in a different channel then your current channel;
  • Fixed language free dim sounds;
  • Fixed a bunch of language issues with underscores and ugly text, with sex-animations and other animation menus;
  • New rotate props are also stoppable with clickable and trigger linked prop scripts;
  • Animated textures can now be hidden;
  • Animated Props, should now automatically start playing animations, when created; UNSURE
  • Audible Sounds working;
  • Prop editor: Added On and Off switches via trigger linked script;
  • Music can be paused for individuals;
  • Prop editor: state tab added Activate on load, which will load the scripts to start when entering the instance;
  • Added close pe on typing /pe, closing wte on typing /wte;
  • Added /stream closable;
  • Prop editor: Online wav sounds, you can now linked .wav files from external sources;
  • Resized Settings Window Slightly, to allow text to fit the UI window better;
  • Sound files for add sound limited to max 120 seconds;
  • UI is now applied per brand;
  • Font and font size have moved to the interface tab;
  • Doors, Move within bound box, emitters, animated textures, play music, play sound and light scripts should now auto be enabled on "activate on load";
  • PID copy button added to the Prop Editor to copy Prop ID's;
  • Move within bound box script only enabled now if “no bsp collide” is checked in the state tab;
  • Chat history can be retrieved by pressing arrow up, up to 30 lines;
  • Move within bound box script now does something with speed jitter, it affects the rate at which objects turn;
  • Prop editor: Cached web image, collidable and hideable added;
  • Prop editor: Animated texture, collidable and hideable added;
  • Prop editor: Genderblock now has trans female and transmale block;
  • Added script weight for mouse cursors, so that the right cursor is applied when multiple scripts are present on a prop.
  • Added a trap door, trap door frame, door 2, door 3 with handle, trap door no hinge props for use with the new door scripts.
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