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Creating a virtual world on the VWW platform is currently available to all users. Basic user virtual worlds will have limited functionality and accessibility. Upgraded VIP and Universal member worlds will have access to advanced tools and options.

If you are a developer or operator of an Utherverse VWW World or related application, you are designated a WORLD MASTER and the following additional terms apply to you:

1.      You may only administer a Utherverse VWW World if you are an authorized representative of that specific World.

2.      Creating a World on the Service is subject to our license but this does not create an obligation to continue providing service to you, should we choose to discontinue Service for any reason.

3.      If registered as an Affiliate you are eligible to receive compensation from upgraded VIP membership fees from users originating in your Virtual World or our other Affiliate promotions. See Affiliate Terms

4.      You are responsible for your VWW World and its content, members and all of the uses you make of the Service. This includes ensuring your World meets our minimum specifications.

5.      Access to and use of data you receive from Utherverse, will be limited as follows:


1.      You will only receive the tools (software APIs, data and files) you need to build and operate your World. Our software is copyrighted and you agree that you won’t reverse engineer or decompile the software when code or files are transferred to you.

2.      We give you all rights necessary to use the APIs (along with all data received), or other scripts and tools we provide to you, but only in connection with your own World.

3.      You will not sell, transfer, or sublicense our code, APIs, or tools to any member.

4.      You will delete software files and data you received from Utherverse if we disable your World or ask you to do so.

6.      We will release service patches (updates to the software) from time to time, so you will need to be sure your system remains open to these updates, so that members can navigate seamlessly between your World and other Utherverse VWW worlds. Service patches are not guaranteed to be bug-free but we will fix any problems we discover or are reported to us within a commercially reasonable timeframe. We are not responsible for any loss of revenue you might suffer due to loss of functionality within the Service.

7.      We will provide an executable file (download) or link that you can use to promote your World, but we reserve the right to change these installation files, links or other mechanisms. Therefore we may require you to distribute a link to the file, rather than the actual file, as it may not work after the installation system has been altered.

8.      You agree that half of your transport Center pods shall be available to Utherverse to control. The main exit from your transport center shall always resolve to your World. The other exit shall resolve to the Utherverse Universal Welcome Centre which is controlled, maintained and operated by Utherverse. Utherverse or any of its Members shall be entitled to license doors and transport pods under your control, at your discretion.

9.      The Utherverse Universal Welcome Center is the first location for any new member. Any subsequent access by a member will be in your own Transport Center. Universal members will be able to enter your World as they are granted cross-platform access.

10.  We can analyze your application, content, and data for any purpose, including safety, functionality, advertising and promotional uses (such as for targeting the delivery of doors, links, advertisements and indexing content for search).

11.  You will not delete the advertisements and posters that we place in your World.

12.  You agree to moderate your World. You may temporarily suspend a member from your World at your discretion but they will not be prohibited access from Utherverse or other VWW worlds unless they are in violation of these Terms of Service. You are required to contact World Operations by emailing if a TOS violation occurs or you choose to permanently ban a member from your World. Failure to do so will be considered a violation by you of these TOS.

13.  You agree to provide public contact information for your members to contact you and you will provide customer support to members in your World.

14.  If you contact those with whom you have obtained permission to do so, by email you will incorporate these requirements:


1.      Provide a visible and operable unsubscribe mechanism in all emails.

2.      Honor member opt-out requests within 10 days.

3.      Opt-out lists also known as suppression lists will only be used for compliance purposes.

4.      ‘From" lines will be accurate (indicating the sending party).

5.      "Subject" lines will be accurate, relate to the content in the body and not deceptive.

6.      A legitimate email address for you as World Owner shall be present.

7.      A label is present if the content is adult.

8.      A message cannot be sent through an open relay.

9.      A message cannot be sent to a harvested email address.

10.  A message cannot contain a false header.

15.  Sign up member information gathered through the sign-up process is property of Utherverse. If you gather additional information from your members you will have a privacy policy or otherwise make it clear to members what member data you are going to use and how you will use, display, or share that data, make it clear you (and not Utherverse) are the one collecting their information, and you won’t violate your privacy commitments. If you collect information from members, you will do the same thing we do: obtain their consent, and post a privacy policy explaining what information you collect and how you will use it. You will not give us member information that you independently collect from a member, without that member's consent.

16.  You will comply with all applicable laws in your country and where Utherverse operates (British Columbia, Canada). We reserve the right to enforce local laws including removal of members and content from your site.

17.  You must take care how you deal with your members. In particular because you will pay for any law suit if any member brings a claim against us, related to your actions, content or information in Your World, including all damages or losses of any kind (including reasonable legal fees and costs) related to such law suit or threatened claim.

18.  You may use the logos we make available to World Masters, Web Masters and Affiliates or issue a press release or other public statement so long as you follow our Advertising and Promotion Guidelines.

19.  We can issue a press release describing our relationship with you. We can use aggregate user information, facts and statistics for: public listings, confidential business development or financing, as well as advertising and promotional purposes.

20.  You will not misrepresent your relationship with Utherverse or its employees or contractors to others (whether in-world or through any other means).

21.  We can create or may permit the creation of Worlds and applications that offer similar features and services to, or otherwise compete with, your World and/or applications.

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